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Customizing Step Counter in Divi Multistep Contact Form

Alex Brinkman

If you’d like to customize the step headers to more closely match the theme or design of your website, you’re in luck.

The Divi Multistep Contact form has built in controls that allows you to customize these heading to suit your needs.

Divi multistep contact form example

Once you’ve enabled the Multistep Features for your contact form (read this article for more information on enabling the Multistep Features) head over the Design tab in the module and open the Text toggle.

Divi multistep contact form text toggle.

Once in the Text toggle, if you scroll down you’ll see additional controls that give you the ability to customize many different aspects of the headers, including:

  • Font Size
  • Step Text Color
  • Current Step Text Color
  • Completed Step Text Color
  • Step Title Font, Weight, Letter Spacing, Line Height and Style
Divi Multistep Contact Form step heading options
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