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Alex Brinkman

The WP Creator’s Club uses a system to automatically push update notices out to all websites using our products and allows you to update them seamlessly from your WordPress dashboard when the WP Creator’s Club Authenticator plugin is installed, activated, and a valid membership license has been activated on the website.

If you installed the WP Creator’s Club Authenticator plugin and activated your membership license on a site using a domain or subdomain that is different than the domain or subdomain the site is currently using (for example, if you activated your license on a website while the website was using a development or project domain while being developed and then the website was moved to a production domain or subdomain) , you may experience an error that says ‘Download Failed: Unauthorized‘ while attempting to update our products on your website.

This is because the our system will only serve updates to domain names that have been authenticated.

Correcting the Issue

To correct the issue, open the WP Creator’s Club Authenticator plugin settings page on the website experiencing the error, copy your membership license key (or retrieve it from your WP Creator’s Club member account if necessary) and then click the link at the bottom of the page that says Deactivate & remove license data on this site.

WP Creator's Club deactivating license and removing license data

This will deactivate the license and remove all of the license data ON THIS SITE ONLY, allowing you to start with a clean slate.

Once the page reloads, re-enter your membership license key in the License Key field and click the Activate License button.

After your license is reactivated on this domain or subdomain your update function should be working correctly.

If it doesn’t correct the issue

The above steps should correct the issue in most cases.

If, for some reason, it does NOT correct the issue and you’re still experiencing the Download Failed: Unauthorized error when attempting to update WP Creator’s Club products, please use the Product Support form on our site to fill out a ticket and a team member will help you troubleshoot it.

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